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★ Social Event

The organizing committee not only provides an opportunity to further participants’ knowledge at a professional level but also to organize wonderful social event programs during the conference.

As the participants invest intense time and a significant amount of money to attend conferences, we will not let them down and will encourage social interaction, communication, relaxation and the discovery of the cultural and touristic heritage of the region in which the conference is held. The social events include:

Opening Ceremony: It is anticipated and attended by all of the delegates. This event includes an impressive video presentation and a feature address delivered by a distinguished and illustrious speaker. The Opening Ceremony is very well attended providing much exposure for the conference partner.

Opening Ceremony
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Cocktail Reception/Welcome Banquet: It is an ideal opportunity to network, greet old friends and meet new ones.

Performance: It provides the best opportunity to enjoy the typical cultural performance and try your luck during the lucky draw session.

Post Dinner Entertainment: The perfect opportunity to sit back, relax and mingle with colleagues after having enjoyed a successful and enlightening conference.

Closing Gala: It is attended by all conference delegates as well as sponsors and is another excellent opportunity for networking and meeting top executives in both the regional and international industries.

Post-conference Tours: It aims to help participants to explore more about the city where the conference is held. One can not only bring home with inspiring ideas but also beautiful memories of sightseeing spots.

Talent Network: It creates a connection between overseas returnees and domestic enterprises. On one hand, the overseas returnees can search potential academic exchange with Chinese colleges and universities, business cooperation with Chinese companies, and entrepreneurial opportunity to start their own business in China. On the other hand, domestic enterprises can seek the right talents for their projects.

Project Matchmaking: It provides an effective and efficient platform for international participants to network with delegates from local research institutes, industrial decision makers, organizational leaders, and government officials. Through this kind of constructive one-to-one discussion and negotiation, the potential collaboration of commercial and technological transfer can be bridged between foreign experts and Chinese professionals.
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